Training standing dog

– First you stand on one side of the dog. When the dog is in a sitting position and you order “stand up”. After 1-2 seconds, one hand pulls them forward and the other slowly lifts the dog’s belly. When the dog has stood up, you petted and complimented them so they can be aware.

– When they are about to sit down again, immediately put your hand under the dog’s belly and keep the dog in a standing position and repeat the “standing” command.

– When the “stand” order is given, the dog gets up and stands still for 15-20 seconds before the dog rests. Just do it continuously 5-10 times a day for them to get used to the signal.

– The posture of a dog is considered correct when the dog keeps its front and hind legs flat and straight, reaches out to stand and holds its head normal.

Note: During training should gradually increase the distance between you and the dog and the surrounding conditions. No matter what distance you are, you just need to order them to stand. Orders must be clearly stated, standing time is at least 5 minutes. Raising up can train dogs standing on stairs, balancing bridges.

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