Steel price list Latest image in May 2020

Steel price list Latest image in May 2020. The  Bảng báo giá thép hình increasing quality, replacing the disadvantages of other unstable materials. Therefore, the price of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City fluctuates always leading to the change of market share of construction materials.

Steel price list Latest image in May 2020

Steel price list Latest image in May 2020 | VLXD Manh Cuong Phat

Each type of shaped steel will have different structures and applications for each project. Below are specific applications of each type of section steel:


The steel has a U-shaped section. U steel has a flat stomach and wide wings so it is convenient to connect with other components. U-shaped steel is often used as bending beams, bent purlins. Or it can be used as a column, making a staircase (when assembled into a symmetrical section bar)


Steel section is shaped like the letter I. This type of steel is mainly produced as bending beams, the horizontal stiffness is very large compared to the vertical. Steel I can also be used as a column (need to increase longitudinal stiffness by expanding the wings or pairing two I-shaped steel together).


Compared to section I steel, the length of section H is greater. The outstanding feature of H steel is its high hardness and extremely high bearing capacity. H steel products are diverse in design and size listed below the product section.


steel has a V-shaped cross-section. Both sides are called V steel, irregular edges are called L steel. Angle steel is often used as bearing bars such as bars of the frame. Linking with other steels to create composite structures such as joining with steel plates into hollow cross section columns, I-beam cross sections. Corner steel is the most used steel in steel structures.

Manh Cuong Phat is one of the strongest units in the field of construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City area. The appearance and presence of materials in most key projects of our country. Manh Cuong Phat has proven to be a company that not only guarantees high quality, but always sufficient quantities

Manh Cuong Phat Company works with the desire to cooperate with any construction contractors. To bring all kinds of iron and steel pipes, corrugated iron, purlin, .. with high quality, suitable for each type of construction.

Establishment apparatus and management method of Manh Cuong Phat Construction Material Company

To go to success and create trust from customers. It is impossible not to mention leaders who seize the opportunity and have a deep understanding in the field of construction

Giving useful advice as prices of materials keep climbing. To help project owners choose the right materials and the right price

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