Prestige and price: Dai Nam Company always takes prestige as the guideline of its activities. The price of loading and unloading service is listed, fixed, not affected by weather conditions, holidays or weekdays, etc.

The staff performing the work are healthy young men who specialize in loading and unloading goods and have undergone a thorough training in loading and unloading skills to ensure the goods are safe. , not damaged, scratched, … as well as the work progress is carried out quickly and ensure labor safety.

Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hoá quận Tân Bình

– Professional and safe, responsible:

+ Professional: Employees are trained in boc xep hang hoa techniques , always have a leader, the person in charge of supervision accompanying to guide and direct the professional work. Besides, we also using specialized support equipment such as cranes, forklifts, … to help loading and unloading goods, so the work is carried out quickly, safely and safely.

+ Safety: Each type of goods has its own characteristics, want the loading and unloading to be most effective, the implementers need to know this. And Dai Nam employees are trained and accumulated many years of experience, so it will ensure the absolute safety when handling and carrying furniture and goods. Customer’s goods will be unloaded gently, carefully avoiding damage as possible.

+ Responsibility: Dai Nam always put the work responsibility first, if in the process of loading and unloading, the goods are broken or damaged, we will be fully responsible and compensate for customers.

– Working time:  We work 24 / 24h, including holidays to be able to best meet the loading and unloading needs of customers.

– There is a compensation policy:  The compensation policy if any errors occur during the loading and unloading process are specified in the contract.

– Full contracts, VAT invoices:  After the end of the contract, Dai Nam will issue value-added invoices if required by customers.

– Enthusiastic consultants give the most optimal solution for customers and they always follow the company’s discipline, working principles and culture so they will work on time and be responsible when implementing. Present contracts for customers.

– Customers wishing to count loading locations we will quickly send workers to take place.